Suggested Spice Blends for Whatever You are Cooking



Every Day Family Friendly   Hot & Spicy
Cock-a-Doodle Doo                            Red Rib Rub
Sonoma Vine Rub                               Surf Jerk                                             
Sage Rub                                              Todo Asada
Ethnic                                      BBQ
Greek                                                     Universal Grilling Rub
Moroccan                                              Smoky Sweet Onion
Italian                                                     Greek
Orange Ginger Chili







Every Day Family Friendly       Hot & Spicy

Pork Shoulder Rub                                 Red Rib Rub
Sonoma Vine Rub                                    Al Pastor                             Smoky Sweet Onion                                Surf Jerk
Ethnic                                                     BBQ  
Porchetta Blend                                       Red Rib Rub 
Greek                                                         Universal Grilling Rub   
Al Pastor                                                    Sonoma Vine Rub             

Every Day Family Friendly              Hot & Spicy
Steak-A-Nator                                                    Todo Asada
Sonoma Vine Rub                                              Red Rib Rub
Lilly                                                                       Cajun
Burger Bomb
Ethnic                                                 BBQ
Orange Ginger Chili                                           Universal Grilling Rub
Italian                                                                   Burger Bomb
Greek                                                                   Sonoma Vine Rub



Classic Combinations           
Persian Lamb Rub
Sonoma Vine Rub
Universal Crilling Rub
Moroccan- complex, spicy, authentic, warm not hot






Dill-icious For Fishes- made for salmon, great on all the rest
Orange Ginger Chili -for an Asian influence
Todo Asada- for a spicy, citrus kick
Sonoma Vine Rub- white fish, scampi, fish cakes
Surf Jerk - for hot and spicy Jamacian style
Cajun- for true blackened fish





Cock-a Doodle Doo- grilled veggies                         
Greek -grilled veggies, anti pasto, tomatos                                              
Moroccan- Yams, Carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin & Eggplant, lentils & chick peas
Lily Rub-Mashed potatoes, homefries, garlic bread
Dill-icious for fishes- Potato salad or mashed or baked potatoes
Smoky Sweet Onion- home fries, sauteed onions, soups, humus
Todo Asada- spicy & tangy corn on the cob
Italian- tomato sauce, salads and dressings, summer squash, ratatouille
Sonoma Vine Rub- brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage
Universal Grilling Rub- Tomato sauce, grilled veggies, brussels srpouts



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