Who We Are


Hi! I'm Kim. The "Why to cook" and the economy of cooking are as compelling to me as the "what and how-to cook".  I launched Sonoma Spice Company in  the spring of 2010 in local farmer's markets where my family and I live, Sonoma County, CA.   We make award-winning premium herb and spice blends using mostly organic ingredients with NO ADDED SALT, SUGAR, WHEAT or PRESERVATIVES. Our spice blends  are expertly hand crafted to provide multitasking convenience with delicious results. We have been honored with 18 Sonoma County Harvest Fair Awards in just the past three years, including five Double Gold Medals, and we have been endorsed by a number of local celebrity chefs. Our spice blends were born at home, cooking for family and friends. They reflect a love and respect for food, our multiculturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area, and the fertile agricultural, world famous wine producing community that is our home, Sonoma County, California!



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